136: Margaret Placentra Johnston: Faith Beyond Belief

Today I sit down with Faith Development Author, Margaret Placentra Johnston.  We discuss here book, Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind.  Margaret hits on so many points of faith transition that will ring familiar to your journey.  Taking beliefs more allegorical, dealing with tension, Trusting your truth over the […]

134: Jon Westover and Bill Reel on Faith Transitions

Today Jon Westover returns to the Podcast to have a discussion with me regarding Theories of Development.   We Discuss James Fowler’s Stages of Faith, William G. Perry’s Scheme of Cognitive and Ethical Development, and Jon Paulien’s Stages of Religious Faith.  We talk about the Dark Night of The Soul and how one can safely […]

057: My Journey Through These Phases

Last week we discussed my faith transition model.  This week I share with you my personal journey working through those three phases.  This is based on a paper I was asked to contribute to Terryl and Fiona Givens and hope that in understanding the three phases and the real life application in my personal faith […]

056: Transitional Phases of Faith

Faith is not constant and the transitions of faith are very natural.  Today we talk about how faith develops.  We try to create a model that is helpful to those who are in a faith struggle but desire a reconciliation to faith.  We split faith development into 3 phases to simplify it and discuss at […]