294: Loni Lamm – A Spiritual Awakening- Part 2

Today we hang out with Loni Lamm and discuss her faith journey and the journey of her family.  She has an interesting story to tell.  Some of her story including her time as an up and coming singer and her diverse experience in place like California will take on new ground.  But more importantly the […]

Walk a Mile In Our Shoes: 001: Meet The Walker’s

Today you get to meet the Walker’s.  A Family in the midst of their own faith journey willing to open up and share their experience.  Today is their first episode.  Today your offered an opportunity to “walk a mile in their shoes”.   They are vulnerable.  They are honest.  And they lay their lives on […]

256: Those Who Doubt – Part 1

We did an episode recently title “Who is the Doubter” where we explored the data about Latter-day Saints who have serious doubts.  We explored where they are finding information, what is their education, Socioeconomic status, level of activity, and their growth. Today we pick up and share some of their stories.  There are around a […]

To Our Loved Ones: The Struggle Is Real

This audio program is hosted by Bill Reel, an active faithful Latter-day Saint who has himself gone through a difficult and painful crisis of faith and has remained active in the Church.  This program is for the loved ones of those struggling in hopes for understanding and a safe space to have conversations. You likely received […]

239: Richard Ostler – Ministry of Love

Today I sit down with Richard Ostler.  Just released as the Bishop of a Young Single Adult Ward, Richard sits down with us to share what it means to be inclusive and to love without limits.  He recently was featured in Jana Riess’ column titled “What one bishop offers Mormons who don’t ‘know’ the church […]

235: What My Faith Journey Taught Me

My shelf crashed around the age of 32.  I was serving as a Bishop well late into my second year of that calling.  No one knew…. not my Stake President, not my counselors, not even my wife.  I had many a sleepless nights and tried every solution I could to find the kind of peace […]

215: Supporting Spouses Of Those Who Doubt

In today’s episode two women Annikka and Charlene who are the believing spouses in a marriage where one side has serious doubts and went through a serious faith transition.  They share their thoughts and stories on what it means to be the believing spouse in a what becomes a mixed-faith marriage, the difficulties that arise, and […]

207: Nephi’s Faith Transition

Today we jump back into the Book of Mormon, right to the beginning….. with Nephi.  We use his story to demonstrate that even men of God shift in their faith and beliefs, scriptural characters are not stagnant, the story is not always what we think it is, and most importantly the scriptures truly do point […]

200: Finding Your Truth in your Transition

Today I wanted to reach out to the listener in the dark part of their faith transition.  I wanted to share with you things I have found helpful and things I think you would benefit from thinking about.  I hope these are helpful and welcome your feedback.  God bless you and may the Lord warm […]

BONUS: Faith Transitions Podcast: Bill Reel

Today on Faith Transitions we are joined by Bill Reel. Bill talks to us about his conversion to Mormonism during high school in Ohio, dealing with transitions related to church history, and serving as a Mormon bishop while going through a major change in belief. Bill also talks about his time working with the Mormon […]

189: A Blog About Love

Today I sit down with Danny and Mara Kofoed.  We talk about how to find your inner peace.  We talk about their faith journeys and how life’s trials taught them important lessons on how to find peace amidst difficulties in life.  They hit on why we sometimes cause ourselves to suffer so needlessly and they […]

173: Thomas Wirthlin McConkie: Developmental Map

Today we sit down with LDS author Thomas Wirthlin McConkie.  We discuss at length his book “Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis”.  In his book he helps the reader see the Faith Development Map that allows for healthier smoorth transitions. We cover what a faith crisis feels like, how other react to it, and how we might […]

165: Revisiting Our Bad Days

Today Ryan Boothe sits down with me and we rehash the “Our Bad Days” episode to delve deeper into some of the emotion that was being shared.  Ryan is asking the questions today and he leads the conversation like a master interviewer.  We discuss my frustration and why I in part blame the church.  We […]