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Ancient Gold Plates: What Do They Tell Us About Mormonism’s Gold Plates [Mormonism Live: 175]

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Over the last few weeks a discovery has been making waves in the Mormon World. Gold plates bound by rings with ancient Israelite writing on them. Sound familiar? And YouTube Channels like Ward Radio, David Alexander, and The Stick of Joseph have touted these as evidence for the Book of Mormon. But as soon as they started making noise you begin to hear whispers of “fake”. Tonight we look at the plates, their provenance, and what they mean for Mormonism and its Gold Plates story. John Lundwall and Rebecca Bibliotecha join us and we even get the thoughts of Dan McClellan as we sort out not only what to believe and what to doubt but rather even if these are real, what do they mean or maybe more importantly what they absolutely don’t convey.
00:00 Intro – the Saudi Plates
06:45 Mormon podcast response
20:30 Dan McClellan’s biggest takeaway
33:00 Sermons of the day
41:50 Other gold/metal plates
1:05:25 Scripture Central clip
1:08:05 Even if it’s fake, it’s proof!

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