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Latter-day Lattes – Coffee Culture in the LDS Community: MD: 388

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In this episode “Latter-day Lattes,” Bill Reel delves into a thought-provoking article recently published by The Salt Lake Tribune, titled “Why More and More Young Latter-day Saints are Drinking Coffee.” The article sheds light on the growing trend of coffee consumption among young members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in spite of of LDS Commandment in D&C 89 to abstain from coffee and other substances as part of the word of wisdom. Our discussion begins by examining the historical context of D&C 89 known as the Word of Wisdom which prohibits coffee within the LDS community, exploring the evolution of attitudes towards this caffeinated beverage.The article highlights the experiences and perspectives of young Mormons who have chosen to incorporate coffee into their daily lives.

We hear personal anecdotes and reflections on how this decision intersects with their faith and sense of identity within the LDS community. We examine perspectives on the evolving relationship between religious doctrine and modern lifestyle choices, including the consumption of coffee. We also explore the potential impact of this shift on the broader LDS community, considering how it might influence intergenerational dynamics and discussions surrounding faith and cultural traditions. “Latter-day Lattes” seeks to provide a platform for understanding and appreciating the diverse experiences of young Latter-day Saints navigating this evolving aspect of their faith journey.



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