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Mormon Discussion: 368: Is Mormonism Absurd – Mormon Heaven & The 3 Kingdoms

We continue a series today where we break down specific issues and weigh how much irrational ideas we have to believe in order for Mormonism to be true. Sit with how much allowances and conjecture is required for these small specific topics within Mormonism. For this series we use the book “Obscure Mormon Doctrine” written by Chris Jensen. In this second installment we tackle Mormon Afterlife or the 3 Degrees of Glory and Outer Darkness


2 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 368: Is Mormonism Absurd – Mormon Heaven & The 3 Kingdoms”

  1. I have seen a great number of plan of salvation themes within John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, which at the time of Joseph Smith was steeped into Americana culture. Prof John Rogers of Yale University has written papers and spoke at Maxwell Institute on his study of Orson Pratt and his strong studies of Milton. In the early 1823 a paper written by John Milton was discovered, Doctrine of Christianity” which included Milton’s approval of polygamy is also interesting in the influence of John Milton to the Mormon belief

    Source: Immortality and the Body in the Age of Milton, Chapter 12 by John Rogers.

  2. Great podcast and subject Bill. I do have a comment about Outer Darkness though. I was always taught those who went there were those who denied the Holy Ghost while still under the influence of it which would be true rebellion. I was also taught that not many could even be to that point, just Satan, his 1/3 and a few more. Like looking at the Sun but denying it’s existence. You might still have a spot in the Telestial Kingdom! Keep up the great work!

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