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Mormon Discussion: 365: Switchpoint -Addressing Homelessness

Bill sits down with Carol Hollowell, founder and Executive Director of SwitchPoint. Switchpoint is a non-profit whose goal is to tackle homelessness and poverty throughout the state of Utah. They are doing this in dynamic ways that hitting the issue head on. Today we sit down and talk about the problem of homelessness in the state of Utah and cover what Switchpoint is doing to make a difference.


Switchpoint Website
Homelessness in Utah

Facets of Switchpoint

  1. Shelter
  2. Low income housing
  3. Soup Kitchen
  4. Thrift Store
  5. Boutique
  6. Pet daycare
  7. Recovery Center
  8. Domestic Violence Shelter
  9. Childcare during non traditional hours
  10. Community Supported Agriculture/Garden
  11. Muffin Tops

    Ways You Can Help

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