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Mormon Discussion: 343: Kindra Celani: The Axe Forgets, The Tree Remembers

We will be discussing the topic of Sex Abuse and while not discussing the incidents specifically this episode may be triggering to some.

Today we sit down with a friend Kindra Celani and discuss her experience with Sex Abuse and its connection to the LDS Church.  She shares how her abuser used Mormonism as a shield for his predatory behavior and how the LDS Church’s local untrained leaders seemed unable sense their duty in reporting her abuse to the authorities.  On top of that recent events show that the top leaders within institutional Mormonism have set as a priority protecting the Church over reaching out with love and sincerity to the victims of abuse.



2 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 343: Kindra Celani: The Axe Forgets, The Tree Remembers”

  1. Based on what I know about her situation (and others I’ve heard about), I strongly believe the Church process is VERY calculated on how these abuse situations are handled. My belief is that the Church knows EXACTLY what they are doing. Attorney’s are heavily involved in this process. “Protecting the good name of the Church” is a high-priority goal/objective in this effort. My two cents…

    BTW, I also want to pose a question: Who exactly is Brook Hales? (the guy from “Confidential Record’s who referred Kindra to the representative from Kirton McConkie). The answer may be shocking…

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