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Mormon Discussion: 337: The Evolutionary Need for Community and A Better Tribe

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Today I want to talk about tribes and community.  About the “we” of family and friends.  The “we” of religious tribes.  How intimacy is the secret ingredient of small tribes (25 or less), gossip the secret of medium sized tribes(25 to 150) and myth for large tribes (150+)
I talk about leaving a tribe when fitting in (presenting a false version of yourself) is too painful, and how we all want to “belong” ( be and present yourself fully and still be accepted).  And I end talking about my tribe right here and now!

we mention briefly about how humans across the ages have navigated community and tribalism and why it is so crucial and inside our evolutionary DNA.  We have survived better in small tribes that trusted each other and as we grew we moved from Intimacy to Gossip to Myth.  And how once we remove the threats of the wild, we desire to move back to intimate tribalism.



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