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Mormon Discussion: 336: Sacred Experiences and Religious Context

Today I share with the audience my top 6 spiritual experiences that have occurred in my life. In telling these experiences, I recognize there will be voices on both sides who think they know better than me what they mean or how I should interpret them.  But I share them and often give other contextual details into my life as they surrounded these events.  I hope in this episode you might enjoy getting to know me better but that you also sense just how strong spiritual experiences can be and yet once faced with spirituality and where and when it occurs, be able to untangle it from the religious constructs of the system in which you experienced these spiritual moments.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 336: Sacred Experiences and Religious Context”

  1. Ive been waiting for an episode like this. Thank you so much for sharing. Very mind opening. Mormons are not the only humans that have spiritual experiences. Cheers!

  2. This episode was a great help to me. Especially like that Bill points out how we tend to discount others experiences because they don’t fit into our beliefs. Had this experience the other day when my DIL asked me who the author of a book I read on Christianity, was. When I told her it was a Christian scholar (not LDS) I could see the shutdown of her mind regarding the information in the book.

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