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Mormon Discussion: 334: The Letter That started It All

Today we share what set us down the path to the events that led to my Excommunication.  Today I read a letter I sent to members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve 2 years ago.  In this letter I lay out what I believe are the top 5 issues facing the Church in the present moment.  LGBT issues, Women’s Issues, History, Prophetic Fallibility, and Transparency.  It was this letter that led top Church leaders to inform my Stake president at the time that they believed I was “in apostasy” and that “a disciplinary council may be needed”.


You can read the letter yourself HERE


1 thought on “Mormon Discussion: 334: The Letter That started It All”

  1. Heavenly Mother is a beautiful doctrine? There is only doctrine that if we have a literal father there MUST be a literal mother. A mother who gives birth for eternity. They would have to change ALL that has been said before. That means sharing the stage with a woman. A woman? No possible way. I delluded myself for decades that god was them. Male and Female and priesthood came from THEM. Not just men had trouble with that; women had a lot to say to me about women are to support and uphold the MEN as they act in God’s stead. Mormon doctrine teaches ETERNAL patriarchy. That theology I could not believe. Priesthood. Patriarchy. Prophets. Polygamy. A pee pee church for sure. That’s why I choked and suffocated my WHOLE life. I’m free now. 6 months of sharing with my older sister and she’s awakened and done. She looked up all I told her and she is shocked we were in a real cult. I’m thrilled it’s all a lie. Thrilled. I stayed because my “feelings” kept coming and I gave credit to the church. Holland’s talk of the greatest missionary story ever told; when I tried to find it again to use for a class I was teaching it was gone and a half ass reason why it wasn’t available. It was a lie. How wonderful for me. What spirit had told me it was true? And…how could he say what he claimed? He had kept in touch with the family…or so he said. What a lying piece of shit. I thank him on a regular basis. Holland broke my slavery bands. I grew up during JFS and BRM and MEP. They nearly broke my spirit but it’s all I knew. I know better now. Thank you Jeffrey Holland for being such an elaborate liar with such theatre and emotion. Those listening are becoming fewer and fewer.
    I like your podcast yet I cringe when I hear you say you wanted it to be true. The doctrine is horrible for women. The changes this year in the temple strengthen section 132 as the women can become Queens and Priestesses to the new and everlasting covenant. There is only one everlasting covenant and that’s polygamy. The other changes are a distraction from their real intent. To keep women under men. Law might make it legal to have wives again as a bill has been introduced to reduce polygamy to a misdemeanor in UT. Right now that is happening. Just maybe these changes are a prelude to what is coming. So you don’t speak for me when you want the church just to change LGBTQ stuff. They need to go away for eternity.

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