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Mormon Discussion: 330: Mekael Part 1

Today we sit down with my dear friend Mekael.  This episode is part 1 of a 3 part series.  Mekael helps us see into her life where from the time she is a child she seeks to fit in, to make her family proud and to make her faith system proud of her.  But she was destined not to fit.  Discovering she was a lesbian trapped in a religious system that simply could not sit comfortably with who she was at her core.  She tells us of her childhood and her struggle to fit in and how she in an effort to make those around her proud and to fit in she tried so hard to do this Mormon thing.  She married a man and for almost 20 years she tried to make that work.  Her emotional well being took hits along the way and eventually it became too much.  After consider taking her life, she made the decision to lean into who she was at her core.  Her marriage dissolved and we leave off at the end of episode 1 recognizing that we all deserve to have a safe space to be who we are and to be valued and seen and honored for our story.


1 thought on “Mormon Discussion: 330: Mekael Part 1”

  1. Mekael, thank you for sharing your story. I realized some things in my life with my family from your story. I think the thought of hiding in the church to not explore your feelings is very true! Thank you for bring that to light for me.

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