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Mormon Discussion: 329: Take Your Vitamin Pills and Get Some Rest

Doing this podcast and being a public voice, people reach out to you to share “secret” information.  Today I tell you what I am hearing from inside the Church Office Building is being discussed in regard to future changes.  I also share a deeply unhealthy story of how the Church allegedly informed Kem Gardner with inside information about how City Creek Mall was going to diminish the value of his Gateway project and how Kem thanked the Church by alledgedly gifting a impressive piece of property to the Church and specifically Elder Uchtdorf.

Below are the predictions I am making based on those inside sources and the story line of the alledged details of City Creek versus the Gateway Project


City Creek Mall Story

* Gateway Project starts around 2002 and includes a state of the art Mall. This project is headed up by the Boyer Group headed up by Roger Boyer and Kem Gardner

* The Church purchases the land for City creek Mall in 2003 by a private real estate arm of the Church.

* The Church allegedly informs Kem Gardner out of respect for their relationship that he should consider getting out of the Gateway Project as its value is going to be diminished.

* In 2004 Kem Gardner sells his interest in the Boyer Group allegedly for 43 Million dollars

* In 2006 The Church announces is City Creek project

* The Church allegedly gets push-back from Nordstrom’s and other Anchor stores it needs for City Creek to be a success and seeing the writing on the wall regarding City Creek falling flat on their face, rushes in and offers Nordstrom’s and other Anchor stores an incredible deal to lure them in. Allegedly the deal was the first 10 years of the lease of space in City Creek Mall would be free and the employees who worked at that store would have their wages paid for 3 years.

* Kem Gardner allegedly grateful for the information, allegedly gifts a upscale log cabin to the Church, specifically, Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf for a reported price of $1

Changes allegedly being discussed at present inside the Church Office Building
These changes are being discussed which means some will happen and some won’t.  Some will likely happen in the next year or two and others will trickle in over the next decade or two.  Also simply discussing these compels the Church to push them back

1. Church trying to make room for members to partake of Coffee and Tea
2. Having the Garment worn inside the temple only
3. To revamp the Missionary system making Service Missions and/or Local Missions prominent
4.  Decentralize the financial responsibilities of the Church geographically.
5. Women will be given significant increased roles (Women giving blessings to be formally seen as approved), recent change for Mothers of Young Children to serve as ordinance workers for example of a small change heading that direction.
6. Increase dramatically in visible charitable giving to outside charities and outside humanitarian efforts
7. Changes to the office/mode of operation of Patriarch being discussed
8. Heavenly Mother will be given a significantly increased role in the conversation and theology within correlated Mormonism.
9.  Significant changes made to ensure Bishops and Stake Presidents receive significant training. (Anything from multiple weeks of in-depth training to even a full-time trained clergy in regards to Bishops and Stake Presidents)
10.  RS General Presidency continually has its visibility increased and effort made to add value to their voices and the voice of women.  (while maintaining the top 15’s own authority and nepotism to ultimately lead the Church)
11.  Create a group of women that would act similarly to the quorums of Seventy (travel and be involved in committees and have a voice in decision making at levels lower than the top 15)
12. Age for women going on missions to be lowered to 18 as well or men moved back up to 19 to make them equal in this regard.
13.  Separate Marriages from Sealing to allow a couple to be married publicly and sealed immediately afterward in a separate act.
14.  Additional Policy adjustments to protect the Church’s public image in Sex abuse cases.
15.  I was missing a #15 in the audio but will add it here – Your going to see further adjustments to the scriptures to remove sections of language from the D&C, heading etc. and or add in language to headings ect. to confront the growing evidence against the former claims of the Church and a growing discomfort with our overreaching.
16.  The Ward Library and the calling of Librarian eliminated in areas that have quality access to technology.
17.  Adjust callings that have room to not require Priesthood to allow for female leadership (Ex: Sunday School Presidency)
18.  Do away with or control who speaks in Fast and Testimony Meeting
19. Allow equivalent aged Girls to pass the Sacrament where the congregation lacks adequate priesthood.
20.  Remove multiple cultural boundaries imposed as Mormonism but which are acknowledged as American culture and unnecessary.  (Ex: allowing a wider range of instruments used in Church meetings)
21.  A New Handbook of instruction is coming
22.  Temple Recommend bar-codes will be connected to a photo so the uses of recommends by someone other than who the recommend belongs to can be thwarted.
23.  Young Adult/Older Teen service Projects away from home that give a young member a significant experience making the world better but also connected directly to the Church.  A mini service mission per say
24.  There are now concrete discussions occurring asking how we move towards more inclusivity towards LGBTQ members.


1 thought on “Mormon Discussion: 329: Take Your Vitamin Pills and Get Some Rest”

  1. Bill,
    I really liked this podcast! You are a prophet of the most high something or other.

    A couple of comments:
    As one who closely knows some of the former Boyer Co people, most of the story you give about the City Creek/Gateway is pretty much accurate. It is absolutely true that the church offered free rents in order to poach stores from Gateway to City Creek in order to have success there. The church was going to get its way, and they have the deep pockets to do whatever they want compared with Boyer. Much like our government who likes to give years of tax breaks to encourage businesses to come to their state/city. In spite of all the talk of being honest in the church, there are a lot of underhanded things that happened by the presiding bishopric and others that allowed the church to get the project done and become successful. Kem is now working other projects in Idaho and other places and being quite successful. I will check with my source about the cabin gift.

    As far as your list of things being discussed at the COB and potential changes, it certainly doesn’t take being a prophet to come up with all these things. Any good business man/woman (and our church leadership is loaded with those, at least lots of men anyway) can sit down with some good marketing/strategy people and come up with this list in just a few days. I think it’s great that they are looking at all these options, but where I am in my faith now it just shows to me how little Jesus really weighs with the top guys, and that these men lead the church, not Jesus. Hell, I could come up with pretty much most of this list on my own as could you and thousands of other mormons.

    My thought is that if I had 65,000 young people willing to go do the works of God, I would have them out on service missions doing clean water systems, education in impoverished countries, medical support, school building, etc. Youth of today want something that is tangible and does real good, right now. One of my daughters didn’t serve a mission, but went to Africa for a year to teach english and do other service instead.

    As I look to retirement in a couple of years, I am not looking to go be a clerk to a mission or sit in a visitors center, but want to go out and make a difference for living people that need it now. The church doesn’t have that many good service missions for people like me, in spite of what people in my ward say. I will most likely work with another organization for a couple of years. I don’t want to trade my career at a big beaurocracy for another big beaurocracy that won’t take my inputs because its so top down.

    I grew up in the 60’s, 70’s where the rhetoric was so different.

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