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Mormon Discussion: 318: Crystal Scott – Genetics of Sex and Gender

At the 2018 Sandy Utah Sunstone Symposium I sat in a session about the genetics of Sex and Gender.  The presenter was Crystal Scott,  a is a embryologist.   Crystal got her start at the University of Virginia.  She works in the industry creating high-value babies and teaching genetics at Boise State University.    Today we spend time diving into these complexities and how understanding that Sex and Gender are not understood in Binary ways requires us to hold space for the possibility that Truth may not be congruent with our Theology and Doctrine.  If we find that to be true should we impose our Theology and Doctrine anyway or are we required to make space for additional truth.  Especially if said false Theology and Doctrine hurts and harms others.  Can you listen today with a soft heart.  Can you hold space for those who are different.  Can make room to be wrong.  All that and more on today’s episode of Mormon Discussion.

Her Sunstone Powerpoint Presentation – CLICK HERE


Sex, Gender and Genetics

Sexual… dimorphism??

Genetic components of Sex and Gender:
This is an exhaustive compliation by the World Health Organization

Genetics, Sexual Orientation and Behavioral genetics:

The Transgender Brain, Jan 1, 2016

More bran imaging for cis-v-transgender brains

No longer considered a mental health issue:

Brain connections and cis –v- trans:

Homsexual Men with differences between homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual brains:

Homsexual Men with differences between homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual brains:

About finger length:

differences in identical twins with opposing sexuality:


4 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 318: Crystal Scott – Genetics of Sex and Gender”

  1. Shouldn’t this be called non-Mormon discussions?

    You aren’t Mormon any more, and your guests are increasingly not Mormon.

    Maybe tell the truth and call it what it is.

    It’s not Mormon Discussions at all. It is non-Mormon.

    1. Maybe you should change your name to jerk-a-saurus. Mormon is a culture… and According to Nelson is certainly is not the LDS Church. I am as mormon as you are and maybe more so. Plus using the word Mormon offends God and furthers Satan’s work anyway so it seems perfect. Your comment was stupid

    2. Bill can call his podcast anything he wants. The Brigamite sect has not legal claim on that name. And if you’re offended you can go sit on a pin!

  2. Bill,
    I intend to listen to Crystal Scott’s interview and expect it to be interesting as are all of your podcasts. At the risk of bring presumptuous, I will guess that at least one theme will be that certain people are born with gender or sexual ambiguity. As a result of these ambiguities, the LDS church and society in general should have a more tolerant position on the homosexual and transgender movements. If my guess about the interview is way off the mark, I will accept your correction.
    In any case while I am not a member of the Mormon Church, I am a person of strongly orthodox Christian Faith. I realize that the Mormon position concerning original sin differs from my more historic belief. With that being said all of us are born with genetic failings. It’s a fallen world. The very fact that I (or anyone else) can blame improper moral behavior on my genes opens the proverbial can of worms. It reduces man to a mere robot without moral culpability. After all, if someone can’t control his sexual impulses, what other behaviors are also beyond his restraint? Acceptable behavior is left subject only to sentiment.

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