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Mormon Discussion: 314: Culture of Unhealthiness

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Today we get in a metaphorical hot air balloon and rise up to look at the 20,000 foot view of the culture of abuse within Mormonism at the present moment.  We use three issues to demonstrate that the Mormon Church has exercised unrighteous dominion in three areas.  We look at Sam Young’s effort to eliminate One on One interviews and questions of a sexual nature to the youth of the Church to show that the Church desires to protect its ability to shame and distort healthy boundaries of members of the Church as young as seven years old.  We also utilize McKenna Denson’s case against the Church to show the lengths the Church will go to protect its own and to cover up the abuse and trauma of others.  Lastly we look at the Church’s political influence over law enforcement, legislators, and the judicial system inside Utah.  Once you take the 20,000 ft view of these issues you begin to sense the deep unhealthiness that exists with the LDS Church in its abuse over members and its ability to utilize Utah government to cover up and shield itself from accountability from said abuse you begin to see the urgency of why things have to change.


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