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Mormon Discussion: 312: 2018 General Conference Rumors, Predictions, and Why!!!

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So many of the public voices have their sources for inside info.  I like them have mine.  Recently I was made aware of several potential announcements coming out from General Conference about about a week ago.  Today’s Episode dives into the Rumors that are out there, the Inside info I have, and the reasons why these changes would happen.  I am more certain about some of these, less certain about others, but for the nuanced, liberal, or non-believing Mormon such things make tolerating conference more bearable and almost interesting!!!

1.) Males and Females can go on Missions at 18 and serve 24 months: these combats the severe decline in the # of Missionaries serving.

2.) The One year waiting period across the board if one has a civil marriage first. – The removes the tension this is causing many and relieves one item on the shelf of some who step back due to Mormonism’s abusive mechanisms.

3.) Going to a 2 hour block as the standard.  This relieves those who are overly burdened in callings and it allows a ward to get by with less people due to the exodus of members.  It also allows those who don’t feel uplifted to more easily justify continued attendance.

4.) Missionaries to serve only in the country they live.

5.) for those going through the endowment for the dead, reducing the endowment session to 1 hour.  Again reducing the burden and boredom of younger members who lack the same blind commitment to the Church that their parents and grandparents had.

6.) This one seems mundane but is at the heart of the rumors.  The SLC Temple will close for a 5 year renovation.  If this one comes to pass, I trust the other 5 even if not implemented are being discussed in depth in top Church circles

7.) The temple interview made less rigid and less about keeping belief standards to accommodate a younger generation walking away from activity and adherence to Church standards.


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