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Mormon Discussion: 310: Translate, You Keep using that Word

Today on Mormon Discussion we take a collective look at Joseph Smith Productions via Translation
– The Kinderhook plates
– The Book of Abraham
– The Book of Moses
– The Inspired Translation of the Bible
– The Book of Mormon

Once we see that in every case the production is not what the Church claimed it was, we are left to redefine translation and to make space for less than historic relationship between us and the sacred texts of our faith.


1 thought on “Mormon Discussion: 310: Translate, You Keep using that Word”

  1. To stay Mormon in this age of the internet, you have to redefine so many basic words. That Princess Bride meme applies to:
    Truth, doctrine, revelation, fullness, gospel, preside, gender, correct, marriage, homosexuality, clarify, rest, court ….

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