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Mormon Discussion: 300: SEERS

Today On Mormon Discussion, We discuss Seers.  What is a Seer within the Old Testament.  How does the Book of Mormon frame such a word.  What is Jesus as heard through the D&C stating?  How about Moroni as a spiritual post-mortal being?  How does the modern Church today define a Seer?  And lastly is the statement that “President Monson is a Seer” different from “we sustain President Monson as a seer”?


2 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 300: SEERS”

  1. It’s settled. Joseph was a Seer others are only sustained as such.
    Thanks for articulating my conclusions which I think the entire church shares (silently).

  2. For your SEERS episode 300 you reference at time stamp 11:38 the previously read scripture as Ammon 8:13, but I’m pretty sure you were meaning to reference Mosiah 8:13.

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