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Incriminating Questions Regarding the Joseph Bishop Sex Abuse Scandal




1.)Why were Joseph Bishop’s books removed from Deseret Book in December 2017 when he admitted to officers he asked to see her breasts? And certainly by Jan 2018 when the Church learned of the audio?

2.) church statements indicate that Church leaders have little ability to discern the guilt of a abuser in such cases. Why is the spirit of discernment useless in such cases? When is the Spirit of discernment useful and when is it not?

3.) President Kimball and several other high ranking leaders were involved in calling Bishop to his higher callings. Why was the spirit of discernment not helpful in the extending of these callings?

4.) Why did you act surprised by the leaked audio and the allegations when you knew these since at least 2010, knew there was a second victim, and also assuredly had the Dec 2017 police report admission of his immorality, as well as had knowledge of the audio since Jan 2018?

5.) Why did the Church choose to use rhetoric that called into question the victims credibility when the Church knew there was a second victim, assuredly had the Dec 2017 police report admission of his immorality, as well as had knowledge of the audio (Where Bishop gives a partial confession) since Jan 2018?

6.) Why when the Church had to have understood that Bishop was guilty of abuse due to knowing there was a second victim, assuredly had the Dec 2017 police report admission of his immorality, as well as had knowledge of the audio (Where Bishop gives a partial confession) since Jan 2018, did the Church begin to collect every negative piece of info on the victim knowing she was almost assuredly telling the truth.

7.) Why did the Church imply that it had turned over to police her allegations of abuse when what they actually turned over was her threats to Bishop’s life over to police? Why did the Church fail to disclose the actual substance of that reporting to law enforcement?

8.) Why imply that you trust law enforcement to bring justice and arrive at the truth when law enforcement has already said they can do nothing due to the statute of limitations?

9.) Why did the Church claim it knew nothing about the results from the Pleasant Grove Police investigation in 2010?  It could have and likely did have that report shortly after its completion but certainly when the Church PR stated it did not know the results in March of 2018, it certainly had the results then.  LDS Church did you have the police report of this when Church PR spoke saying you did not know the results?

10.) How many good righteous leaders failed at using discernment throughout this entire church journey of Joseph Bishop, including prophet of the Church?

11.) Why did the Church state that only “a few weeks” had passed between their knowing the audio and the audio leaking when it had actually been 8 weeks or essentially 2 months?

12.) Why does the Church fail to act every step of the way allowing Bishop to go undisciplined and to continue in callings around children and youth in spite of knowing he had admitted to asking to see her breasts, knowing there was a second victim, hearing his own partial admission on audio….. continuing up to the present moment?

13.)  In light of #12 How am I supposed to have confidence in the LDS Church to take sexual abuse seriously and have confidence that the Church will seek to prevent abuse and protect victims?

14.) Why does putting together a dossier on a victim containing dozens and dozens of pages of dirt on her seem to go so quick while discerning and or collecting enough dirt on Joseph Bishop the abuser seems to be an impossible task that Law Enforcement is more equipped to handle by the Church’s own words.

15.) Why in the two months of knowing the leaked audio was Joseph Bishop allowed to continue in his calling in his local Sunday School Presidency where he would have continued direct access to youth and young adults?

16.) The BYU law Enforcement when asked for their report by new agencies first issued a completely redacted report.  Was the LDS Church and any kind of representative from it involved in conversations with BYU law enforcement contributing to a discussion of that redaction.

17.) The Victim claims her Bishop from 1987 not only reached out to Church leadership about her allegations but that he also put the victim in touch with Carlos Assay.  The Victim swears she met with Assay over this allegation.  And the Church acknowledges it reached out to her 1987 Bishop three times by phone.  Is this Bishop helping the Church cover-up the Assay visit and what was the substance of those three phone calls?   Every part of this victims story seems to check out.  Her making up a visit with Carlos Assay seems a ridiculous thing to fabricate and knowing what the Church has done through this entire episode, which seems more likely?  That the Victim created the Assay story out of whole cloth or that the Church is doing all it can to wipe that visit off the record?

18.) What is the Church’s reason for the victim knowing about this secret room that is behind multiple locked doors.  Eric Hawkins agreed that room exists and the Room is not one students could access normally and the victim knowing about this room speaks volumes about the credibility of her story.  Why didn’t the Church take her allegations seriously knowing this room existed and there is little reason to grasp how she would have known about it otherwise?

19.) Why was Greg Bishop in a conversation about the dossier on this woman?  Why was he CC’d on Church /Legal Docs he was not supposed to have?

20.) If he received these by accident as the Church alleges, why didn’t the Church go public acknowledging the mistake and condemning his use of it when he begin quoting the Docs word for word in his conversations with the media and the Church knowing he was CC’d on the Docs


7 thoughts on “Incriminating Questions Regarding the Joseph Bishop Sex Abuse Scandal”

  1. Bishop’s books may no longer be available on church bookselling websites, but they are still available on Amazon.
    You should check out what disturbed readers have to say in their reviews about this Bishop character and about the church’s dealings with this matter.

  2. I think #1 is easy. It’s becasue the handful of lawyers at church hq don’t stop and think “let’s make sure we don’t publish any books by this guy who was just accused.”

    It’s likely someone at Deseret books who made the connection when the news was leaked to the public.

  3. #12 A: because if all that occurred in the way Bishop said it did, there would be no reason to keep him from youth and children. I.e asking a grown woman to show her breasts is neither pdeophillia or assault.

    That also might not even be grounds for decipline, as it was consensual, of age, and it went no further than just looking.

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