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291: Stand Up Speak Up!!!

Today on Mormon Discussion, Bill Reel ties together several facets playing out in his own life and in his Church regarding the LGBT Issue.  How it is playing out in his wrestle with Mormonism, How it is playing out in his family & Friendships, How the Church is slowly coming around, How some leaders are giving a double message privately and publicly and the harm that it does, How the Church generally is giving these kids hope with its words only to provide more pain and harm with their actions, and How each of us need to stand up and speak up.  This is a monumental episode you won’t want to miss!!!!!


9 thoughts on “291: Stand Up Speak Up!!!”

  1. Spot on, Bill. I would share this podcast were it not for the song at the end.

    I can see your pleas and bulletproof reasoning softening many TBM hearts, but the LDS blasphemy in the song will put the walls back up. As-is, I don’t think that the podcast is effective with the TBM crowd. How about “Love one another”?

  2. Said another way, the power of this podcast is your appeal to the faith, love, and goodness of believers.

    The song is a rejection of that same faith.

  3. Bill’s method of trying to be persuasive is to strain his voice and speak with indignation. Indignation. I have heard that in his voice repeatedly, and it does nothing to serve the argument. Facts are facts. His emotions cannot alter that. Now he says his 2 children (children!) are potentially bi-sexual. Is this something he has inadvertently encouraged?

    1. Bill, this episode really touched my heart. Your children are really lucky to have you and your wife in their lives.
      Jack, how could Bill have inadvertently encouraged his daughters’ sexual orientation? That would be to admit that sexual preference is a choice, something that even the church denies today. Are you telling me that the only reason you are not gay is that your parents didn’t encourage it?
      I’m not trying to attack you by any means, I respect your position and you are entitled to your opinion, but I think this is something to think about.

      1. It smacks of a ploy. Bill has been on the LGBT bandwagon for a few years now, and all of a sudden he has two gay kids? And they are too young to know that. Most all kids go through phases where they feel emotionally and physically closer to their own gender. At this tender age, the last thing he should do is encourage it and cement their sexual identity. I guess that’s what I mean.

          1. I dunno. But nobody encouraged me to act on my crush on my best guy friend when I was 14. This happens to all teenage kids.

      2. Consider the words of Pediatrician Doctor Meg Meeker:

        Our culture is so obsessed with sexuality, sexual identity and gender identity issues that we have lost our bearings. The reality is, according to the CDC that less than 3% of the population in the US is homosexual and an even smaller percent is transgender. But advocates for the LGBT community, in their fervor to gain acceptance for them, discuss sexual and gender identity issues over and over. I understand this but I think that we must be very, very careful. The sexuality of a child is beautifully complex and takes years to fully develop. In fact, the best developmental psychologists say that a child’s sexuality isn’t fully developed until he or she is in their early twenties. What this means is that an eleven year old who says that he is gay should be embraced with love, care and caution. He needs time to sort out his sexuality and should never have someone force him to rubber stamp himself.

        Concerning gender identity issues, again, these are complex. A very small minority of children live with a sense that they are living in someone else’s body. This is very different from a child who embraces both masculine and feminine characteristics. Children who feel that they are a girl in a boy’s body or vice versa, need serious help, support and love to sort this out. I strongly disagree with those in the medical profession who advocate hormone therapy and surgery for children. Slapping a simple solution on a complex problem can bring irreversible harm to the child.


        Its similar to the left handed argument – in that left handed isn’t a choice and should be forced to be right-handed. Kids are ambidextrous for years as they experiment with a writing utensil. Sexuality is much more complex and to drink the agenda that at first sign parents and society need / must embrace and encourage that does the child a disservice.

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