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281: Jesus & His True And Living Church

Orthodox members of the Church constantly point at progressive Mormons as falling off the path, as inappropriately raising a critical voice, as having done something contrary to the path Jesus had set.  Today we revisit the life of Jesus.  We examine his interaction with his religious leaders.  We examine his behavior within his True and Living Church.  Today we ask ourselves how did Jesus live his path in mortality within the True and Living Church and are the progressive voices really that different?


6 thoughts on “281: Jesus & His True And Living Church”

  1. Bill, this is a great message. I would have never thought of Christs life and teachings in this way. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I, too, so appreciate this perspective. I have set Christ as my example all my life. Understanding more clearly both sides of the road is so applicable for me today. Thank you!

  3. Too bad the leaders had to crucify Jesus. Today they would shun him, take away his blessing of eternity, sentence him to eternity in hell and Burn him at the Stake (Center).

  4. Thanks again, Bill! Another great podcast!

    Actually I do now finally see the Word of Wisdom as a True test of our ultimate faithfulness to Christ.
    Do we “have eyes to see, ears to hear” Him?
    Or, would we prefer to hand our accountability over to a leader?
    Nephi 8:5-8
    Would we hand our accountability over to a leader who’s superior plan is great enough to save us all, if we obey and don’t question?

    The WoW is indeed a test to see if we will follow the commandments of men (refined down to 4-dont’s) or follow Christ’s own wholesome unrefined words = His WoW is never to be given by commandment or constraint – D&C 89:2. His words of wisdom are centrally a warning of Gadiantons changing thousands of His own wholesome foods and herbs (real medicines) into refined synthetic poisonous “foods” and “medicines” in verse 4, including vaccines which many LDS worship too. The full unrefined WoW indicates that all 4 don’ts have very healing God-given exceptions for good usage when they are used skillfully to nourish, strengthen, detoxify and heal (instead of the drugs and surgeries we are now “commanded” to worship) in verses 7 & 8.

    Jesus says that His WoW is really all about our free will to choose, in order to become wise and healthy (without judgment, shaming, guilting, punishment by leaders and members…) His real WoW is really about God’s own creations of wholesome foods and herbs for health and healing, verses 10,11. Then and only then can we hope to move on to His own wonderful promises of health and wisdom in verses 18-21, only if we have eyes to see and ears to hear Him before men and leaders we are now commanded to worship. Are we not getting these blessings because we just don’t get it or Him? Or, is that extra health challenge we have due to our need for a WoW-unrelated test?

    The real and wholesome WoW is hardly at all about 4-don’ts, and that is the test we fail when we worship and follow idols, blindly to find our way to Him.
    Nephi and Lehi knew this – Nephi 8:5-8

    Are we failing the real test by blindly and obediently not questioning all things, leaders and truths like Jesus commanded, while worshiping the commandments of men instead of Christ’s own living wise advice, True Words of Wisdom, which still stand as firm as ever and always will? Only man changes, contradicts himself/themselves and God, in His name, in the shifting winds. By their fruits…

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