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278: Temple Lot, Hedrickites, RLDS, and Carnal Intercourse

Today we discuss at length the Temple Lot Case.  Why the RLDS (Community of Christ) and Hedrickite (Church of Christ) branches were bickering and fighting, why the LDS branch got involved, How the case got resolved, and most important what we learn about Mormonism from those who testified.  Fake Deeds, Cease and Desist Orders, Dodged Questions, and Carnal Intercourse all enter the conversation around this historical episode in Mormonism’s history.

We borrowed heavily from the following articles in order to put this episode together.



9 thoughts on “278: Temple Lot, Hedrickites, RLDS, and Carnal Intercourse”

  1. Bill…the church can’t say they made a mistake with polygamy. They would rather deny any “sex” happened, and be in denial.

    Denial is a trait of mental imbalance and even personality flaws.

    Loved the cast. You are asking the real questions…and I love it.

  2. This episode is pure gold, lot of historical info, context neutral perspective. Much appreciated.

    This is the history that allows you to feel better about yourself knowing that others are imperfect too.

  3. So, how much does the desire to control the Temple lot, and other reasons to rewrite history, to support polygamy as if Joseph was the promoter originator?

    No DNA decedents from these testified of sexual relationships seems to testify of something different, maybe even altogether? Are the sealing records real, or later created justification, like the Temple Lot deed, to justify polygamy by BY and his men who did rewrite some history?

  4. Why does Bill close his podcast in the sacred name of Jesus Christ when in interviews with John Dehlin etc he states that he no longer believes in Mormonism or Christianity or God in general?

    1. Jack,
      Where did I say I don’t believe in God? Where did I say I don’t believe in Christianity? And where did I say I don’t believe in Mormonism?

      Just because I don’t believe these things in the limited way you see as acceptable doesn’t mean I don’t believe. Hope and faith are precious words. Certainly you are not saying there is only way to believe authentically

        1. This is a tough question. My short answer is yes. But that answer doesn’t even scratch the surface. Intellectually, there are deep historical complexities with the “historical Jesus” including what parts of his narrative are original to Yeshua’s actual life, What pieces are seemingly obvious embellishments, and having to deal with what is myth and how do myth stories get created. So Intellectually I see deep gaping holes that prevent me from in my mind making the leap to to belief because the data seems to strong to simply believe in spite of the data.

          BUT in my heart I hope in the resurrection and the atonement. In fact Even as my mind doubts such, I can testify that I have been affected by God’s grace and mercy which are gifts from the atonement.

          Does this help?

          1. It seems like you are still searching for truth then. You do not know if Christ really did rise from the dead. You use the word hope. If in this life we have hope only, then we are of all men most miserable. However, if your experience of being affected by the atonement is more along the lines that you know fire should burn a bush, but you saw the bush on fire and it was not consumed, then I guess you do know ?

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