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265: Excommunication Extravaganza

Today I sit down with Chris Bloxham and we go into the details of 7 little known but interesting Church Discipline actions in LDS Church history.  Some of these stories include facts and humor that may be deemed as offensive or upsetting and we suggest that listeners be sure to not have children around and if the listener themselves are sensitive to such this may be an episode you want to avoid.  That said buckle up your seat belt…. sit back…. this is going to be a blast.

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Gary James Bergera, “Transgression in the LDS Community, Part 1” JMH, Summer 2011

Why I would like to have lunch with Amy Brown Lyman

Amy Brown Lyman

Journal of Mormon Thought Gary Bergera article (page 98)

Homosexual Patriarch Joseph Fielding Smith

George P Lee’s letter to the First Presidency 

George P Lee story in detail

The Mormon Passage of George D Watt

James C Brewster and Money Diggging

A little history involving Brewster

Helmuth Hubener

Helmuth Hubener 2nd article

Info on Carrington



5 thoughts on “265: Excommunication Extravaganza”

  1. Enjoyed the humor, thanks guys!!
    Warnings were fair. Clean enough for me.

    Which general authority or apostle was it that said:
    “Don’t they realize we’re just men doing the best we can.”

  2. Great research…..nice to have new information. More information helps connect the dots to why policys come about. Every law and rule for every group (Religion, government, social, etc.) happens because someone does not use common sense and the zealots take charge and let the orthodox crowd control. That is where we are as a church, we have lost logic and letting ourselves be dominated by a fear and control narrative. It makes so much more sense when we learn the history.

    Would you do a podcast on the 1953 CES week at BYU, that led to the “Follow the Brethren Policy”

  3. Nice episode and I learned some new things, so thanks for that.

    I wanted to make one comment about Helmuth Hubener and the relationship between the Nazis and the slc headquartered mormon church before the outbreak of WWII and why so many members in germany would have been sympathetic with the Nazi regime. The mormon church was very friendly with the Nazi’s and even published a piece in the Deseret News titled “Mormonism in The New Germany” (linked here for those interested) where they speak highly of the recently elected Hitler. The book Moroni and the Swastika: Mormons in Nazi Germany by David Conley Nelson details the cozy relationship the mormon church had with the Nazis both before and during the war, among other things.

    Also, the link to the Sunstone article on Helmuth Hubener is not working for me, but there is an archived version of it that can be found here:

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