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COMING SOON!!!! An LDS Mental Health Series

Dear MDP listeners, It’s Wendy Perry, LPC here, getting ready to launch my mental health podcast on Mormon Discussion and I would love your input. If you’ve got a minute or two would you respond to the short survey below. Also, if you see a topic that piques your interest from the list below, would […]

267: Book Of Mormon Historicity

Today’s episode tackles the expanding space of Book of Mormon Historicity.  We share the words of Jared Hickman, Patrick Mason, Richard Bushman, Sam Brown, Grant Hardy, Elder Oaks, and Elder Holland.  We talk today about the space that is seemingly being created in this very moment.  Do we see how unique of a moment we […]

265: Excommunication Extravaganza

Today I sit down with Chris Bloxham and we go into the details of 7 little known but interesting Church Discipline actions in LDS Church history.  Some of these stories include facts and humor that may be deemed as offensive or upsetting and we suggest that listeners be sure to not have children around and if […]

264: Gone Are The Days….. (Version 2)

I was broken.  I was mad.  I was frustrated.  I was sad.   I was at an impasse and I prayed for the Church to create real space for truth seeking.  Please….. Please……  Make a safe space…….  I need you and hope for you to truly honor my questions by having a vulnerable conversation about them.  Please hear my heart. […]