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256: Those Who Doubt – Part 1

We did an episode recently title “Who is the Doubter” where we explored the data about Latter-day Saints who have serious doubts.  We explored where they are finding information, what is their education, Socioeconomic status, level of activity, and their growth.

Today we pick up and share some of their stories.  There are around a 100 of these personal accounts.  Today we share four of them of specific individuals who were part of this data.  We tell their story.  Rather then the naive labels applied recently by Meridian Magazine and the recent Deseret News Article  we can see the real reasons dedicated members lose faith.  We can hopefully allow space where rather than us decide the story of another, we let them tell their own story.  When we honor another’s story we allow ourselves to be open to deeper truth.   Join us for this and other episodes where we tell their story.

Personal Accounts of those who have lost faith and have serious doubts

Meridian Magazine’s article “8 Things That Can Pull You Away From the Church” 

Deseret News’ article “Mormons with doubts shouldn’t give up faith….”



4 thoughts on “256: Those Who Doubt – Part 1”

  1. Your comment at about 33 minutes into the podcast talking about the increasing number of members that are going to view information critical to the church is spot on:
    “So through social media, hundreds of thousands of additional active members will become questioning and secular Mormons. They may leave, they may stay, but they are going to lose institutional trust. And so the question has to become, again the church leaders are aware of this data. The question has to become, “What is the church going to do to not loose these folks?” And the long term effects of these transitions will be substantial. The challenge in our very moment is less about how well we will answer tough questions and more about how we are going to treat progressive, questioning, and secular Mormons. Again church leaders are completely aware of this information. They understand that people are losing institutional trust. That people are moving from the literal perspective to the mystical and that road only goes one direction. So what are we going to do?”

    Brilliant crystallization of thought. I couldn’t agree more. I have been working on getting a concise summary of the MAIN issues I have with the church. This is one very key. The “why I have lost trust in the institution” still has some fleshing out, but that is probably my biggest core change from my faith crisis and transition.

  2. Oops – I think the above comment should have been posted on the initial podcast of this series.

    But I do have a question after listening to this one. I downloaded the FaithCrisisStoreiesMD.pdf. It isn’t clear from the document what who the author is. I assume the “MD” in the filename would mean it is from “Mormon Discussion podcast”. Before I share this I would just like to know. I am also interested if you wanted more stories. I am more than willing to contribute mine.

    1. The author wishes to be unknown. He feels the data should be at the forefront and hopes it can help create conversations and a safer space. It should be understood that this data was presented to the Leadership of the Church and they are fully aware of the data here contained.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I assume if a version 2 is going to be prepared you will ask if some want to

        Do pass on to the author that his (or her) work is greatly appreciated. They are painful to read – people coming close to suicide! Powerful.

        I can say that the 2 following questions have me thinking quite a bit.

        6. What might have prevented your faith crisis in the first place?
        7. What, if anything, might help rebuild your faith?

        Now that I have moved to really not believing, it is hard for me to answer those – especially the last one. I can only say God really touching my heart. If drastic changes were made, I could keep attending, but I still don’t know if I would have faith in the organization.

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