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245: Historical Jesus pt. 1- Gospel of Mark


Today we start a series of six short episodes on the Historical Jesus.  These are just a prepper for Latter-day Saints as there is enough info in this field to talk for hundreds of hours on dissecting various perspectives on various data.  Today we began with an intro and talk on the Gospel of Mark which is believed to be the earliest gospel when originally written.  Below each episode will be a ton of resources to go off and learn more on your own.

Online Documents on the Historical Jesus:

Podcasts on the Historical Jesus:

Books on the Historical Jesus:


3 thoughts on “245: Historical Jesus pt. 1- Gospel of Mark”

  1. So most of this I had already heard of with the exception that the Book Mark end in chapter 16:8 and that the latter verses were added in from the Books of Luke & Matthew.

    Super cool, thanks for all this. Much appreciated.

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