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242: Suzette Smith – A Spiritual Journey


Today Suzette Smith shares the talk she gave at a recent Exponent II retreat.  Exponent II is a Mormon Feminist Magazine that give voice to the Female Perspective.  Suzette Shares her spiritual journey and touches on the feminine divine.

“Telling the Story of Grief” by Julie Lefgren
Exponent II Blog, May 5, 2016
“Claiming Space” by Margaret Olsen Hemming

Exponent II Magazine, Fall 2015

“My Faith’s Journey” by Suzette Smith

Exponent II Magazine, Fall 2010

Women and Mormonism, Bowman & Holbrook, Editors

Aimee Evans Hickman, Author, Chapter 19

“At Journey’s End” by Elaine Wright Christensen
Ensign, July 2002

2 thoughts on “242: Suzette Smith – A Spiritual Journey”

  1. I should add then… I guess I’m TBM too then.

    Interesting that we refer to TBM’s only as those who align themselves 100% with the official teachings, but it’s better to expand the definition to be more inclusive of the obvious diversity.

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