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240: November 5th 2016 – 1 Year From The Policy


We are 1 year removed from “the Policy”.  What does the Data tell us?  How has it affected my family?  What has been the aftermath?  And most importantly Where do we have yet to go?  On the 1 year anniversary…. we explore this and more.


6 thoughts on “240: November 5th 2016 – 1 Year From The Policy”

  1. Wow, Bill. So well done. Uncomfortable, yes! But oh, how needed. I hope the Brethren hear you. And hear you out. 🙂

    We (the Church) need you!

  2. So public opinion should be the guiding principle of God’s mouthpieces? The 20 year old current mindset on social/ political/ moral issues warrants the attention of doctrinal direction? I can only speak for myself but I definetly don’t defend to much of my youthful certainties on any topic as I have matured with experience and age. Your line of reason on that area of your discourse fell flat in my opinion. Not that we should ignore the pain and concerns of any demographic. But, to change policy and doctrine for the surveys of youth doesn’t seem to be a wise course of any institution.

    I can understand that current sensitivities need to be understood and responded with understanding and love. However, you are proposing and advocating your own moral authority and are projecting that as the only correct way. How did you get this authority and special light that apparently the “15 men” either have lost or never had? Do you receive revelation for the Church? I know I don’t and would never have the audacity to claim to otherwise. Playing this sacrificial lamb role does seem to be one way to justify this strategy. It just may not bear the fruit of your expectation if the past is any indication. I recall hearing the demise of the Church if the ERA wasn’t supported and here we stand today. Polygamy being abolished was to be the apostasy of the Church leaders. And on and on it will go. Yes the doctrine and policies of the Church will not be popular in the latter days and many of the Elect will be deceived according to scriptures. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on the current situation.

    If the strategy of the Brethren is to provide a “safe space” for all of God’s children why don’t we just go all the way and beef these numbers up. We can throw away the Word of Wisdom and possibly triple the amount of reactivatons and converts. Can you imagine also if we throw away the need for baptism and the requirements thereof? All of God’s children in mortality would no longer be marginalized and would have all the benefits that are currently reserved for only the so called faithful. Yea…and that nasty section 76 and 132 in the D&C. If we can only find a way to somehow get around those two doctrinal revelations. But seriously, When does it stop? Forget grades in school and just give everyone the A+ and say bye bye to pain, sorrow, loneliness etc.? I guess opposition on all things was a just a ridiculous idea when Joseph dreamed up the Book of Mormon.

    Putting aside all the tounge and cheek…..yes the topic of the “Policy” is going to be difficult for both sides of the fence. I wish the commandments were easier and that some of our dear brothers and sisters wouldn’t be required to perform a greater sacrifice than others. I don’t pretend to know why some are asked in mortality to suffer more or sacrifice more. I just know that our Savior has a plan for each individual and that he asks us to follow him in a single path that is narrow and does eventually lead us to something greater than we can’t comprehend in this moral journey. I will need to lean on my inner spirit when it comes to me personally. However, when it comes to the Lords church it is best I rely on his annointed and not the philosophies of men.

    Bill I know you have a large heart and really are passionate about this subject. You need to do what you feel you are called to do. Whether I agree or not I support your decision to pursue your chosen course and hope it eventually leads you to a place of joy and peace. And for all those who feel outside of the norm for whatever reason…this is not just a reality for a single group of folks. We all are the prodigal son in one way or another. We all are special in God’s eyes and not just because we are in a so called outlier position. I wish the labels would stop and we all can come together and just be brothers and sisters who all just sin differently. Whether a TBM, Feminist, LGBTQ etc. God is no respector of persons.

    Thanks for letting me rant!!!

    1. I will be short. In terms of social issues public opinion seems to be a relatively accurate way of deciding which way God will lead his church. Race, gender, immigration, birth control, abortion, cremation, etc…. all have the Church moving the same direction as society at large and always lagging decades behind. My two cents is ask yourself what is our stance on a 100 different social issues and ask where were we on those issues 50 years ago and which direction we have moved. Strangely God seems to be influenced, though slowly, by public american opinion.

  3. BTW…your statement regards to the two premortal unressurrected beings (Jehovah and Michael) being a contradiction to the doctrine of the requirement of a man and woman sealed under the new and everlasting covenant to be able to create worlds without end is possibly misleading. God the Father (Elohim) is the actual authoritive director of the creation of eternal lives that populate the earth and the other worlds. Therefore, it would be assumed that Him and his sealed wife are the divine resurrected couple that had the ability to create spirit children that we are products of. Jehovah and Michael are just acting under Elohim’s direction and authority to assist in the creation that houses the eternal lives from our Heavenly parents. I’m not sure how your reasoning of Jehovah and Michael’s involvement with the creation somehow gives way to the possibility of non sealed couples (whether heterosexual or homosexual) to be given the power of eternal lives. I do apologize if I am misunderstanding your intent or conceptual point. Could you possibly expand on what you were implying? Thanks

    1. are we not all under the direction of God the Father when we do what he asked…. including premortal men who create the earth or post mortal men and women who are joint heirs with Christ?

      My point is we have set up a theology that says unless you are heterosexual couple sealed with children you will miss out on sharing the creative powers of God and the example of Michael and Jehovah shows that perhaps there is more to this than we have assumed.

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