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237: The Beauty That Is Mormonism


A shift in my public tone has occurred.  That tone has been below the surface for some time.  I worry that listeners may be turned off by what they perceive as my having gone off the reservation in terms of faithfulness.  I fear people in such a perception may feel one less place of sanctuary to explore their faith journey while still looking to feed their faith.  Today is about “Why I stay”.  Today is about the beauty that is Mormonism.  Today is about the positive that exists in the tension we all carry.  Today is about showing those on the fence ready to leave that there is sufficient reason for some of us to stay.  Today is about about what Mormonism offers that can not be found elsewhere in such abundance.   Today I tell you “Why I Stay”


6 thoughts on “237: The Beauty That Is Mormonism”

  1. I love your podcasts Bill. I walk with you through your journey as mine is similar. I have a word of advice. FYI, I am not a liberal nor am I republican so this isn’t a comment that is based on political correctness. But in your podcast, you said “gone off the reservation.” That is a racist and an offensive term to the Native American community. Hillary Clinton caught hell recently over the same comment. I know you had ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of offending anyone. Just an FYI.
    I love you and your time and efforts. You are awesome!!!

  2. Bill, you should have people that are in stage 5 or 6 on your podcast. It might help others and yourself pass thru stage 4 with as little pain as possible by following their example of how they passed thru the dark nite of the soul.

  3. Appreciated your podcast, Bill. In fact, I really do like your approach to your faith/belief (pro or con). I learned about deconstruction long ago when studying Zen Buddhism. They’ve been doing it a while, it was helpful for me.

  4. I enjoyed this episode. I’ve lost all faith in the church and in God, but am still participating in church to support my wife and kids. I struggle to find good in the church, so it was helpful to hear the pros about Mormonism that you discussed.

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