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229: Team Korihor


Today We discuss the Anti-Christ Korihor in Alma Ch. 30.  We talk about half truth that he teaches, Korihor’s illegal arrest, the value of some of what he said, and what differentiated his doubt and behavior and sign seeking from that of Thomas in the New Testament.    Thanks for listening!!!!


1 thought on “229: Team Korihor”

  1. I must say I admire the courage it takes to apply critical thinking to your own faith. As someone who was raised Catholic but gradually evolved into a Thomas Paine style Deism, I know how scary it can be when you start noticing the disconnect between what your Church “Authorities” say and what Scripture and Reason say. It can sometimes feel like the ground is crumbling beneath your feet.

    I’ve recently become interested in Mormon theology, and while I doubt I’ll ever be a believer, I do find it a fascinating field of study. Rest assured, I’ll be keeping a sharp ear on this podcast in the future.



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