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223: Throwing In With Jesus


Today I sit down and explain why I maintain faith in Jesus Christ.  I share my grapple with the historical Jesus and why logically and spiritually I throw in with Jesus.  I hope this is helpful in your journey to lead with faith.


11 thoughts on “223: Throwing In With Jesus”

  1. Bill,

    Who is whose testimony are you sharing for the last 10 minutes of this edition. It is great, I want to hear more from him.

  2. Thanks Bill I really appreciated this podcast. Thank you for sharing yourself, the inspired thoughts the Lord has given you, your heart, soul and emotions. It came through definitely. And I loved the speech you shared, so powerful!

  3. I liked this a lot and would love future episodes on similar topics- maybe the “Jesus of the BOM” perspective would be cool too and how that fits into JS’s world also.

  4. Hi Bill, been listening to a few of your episodes- interesting and thought provoking content. I think I will keep listening. Is it “patri-archal” or “pa-tri-article”? ????

  5. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your podcasts. I was turned on to them by a friend who is also going through her own faith crisis. I have devoured hours of them and still have a ways to go. This one particularly touched my soul.

    While in the past there have been tears, anxiety, and confusion as to what my decision may be to stay active in the Church, those negative feelings are slowly diminishing and I’m starting to feel a little more hope for what the future holds. One thing I agree with you on is that my faith in Jesus Christ is of utmost importance and it needs to be the foundation of my testimony.

    May God bless you!

  6. Paulo Mapelli Siqueira

    Portuguese language…

    Por favor, preciso de sua orientação: Escrevi o livro “A Vida de Jesus em 175 atos”, 105 páginas, que deverá ser publicado em português no Brasil e em Portugal, inicialmente; e gostaria que na capa estive a imagem de “223: Throwing In With Jesus”. Como posso obter a autorização para isto?

    Grato pela atenção!

    Pastor Paulo Mapelli Siqueira (Adventista do Sétimo Dia)

  7. Who delivered the poem at the end? I would like to be able to share that with some family members. The link to youtube you gave a couple years ago doesn’t lead to anything any more.

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