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217: Stages of Faith Series 4: Willow Creek


Today we begin a series that examines Stages of Faith from the perspective of other Religious denominations and their religious leaders.  I tried to find every audio discussion of “Faith Transitions” based in some way on a Fowler “Faith Stage Theory”.  Heads up some of these religious leaders are still biased and imposing their conclusion on what this journey looks like but I still think you will find value and validation in hearing about “Faith development” and the insights that each episode will add.

Stages of Faith

Faith development, like other kinds of human development, follows a pretty well-known developmental path. Everyone’s on a journey of faith somewhere, from non-faith to more seasoned or mature faith. In this message, Dr. Henry Cloud talks about being able to identify where you or people you love are in that journey, so we can understand what the tasks are for each step and so we don’t misunderstand ourselves, others, or God.



2 thoughts on “217: Stages of Faith Series 4: Willow Creek”

  1. Stages of Faith Series 4: Willow Creek was enjoyable, on topic, and had a good message. It was a welcome contrast to the first three episodes in this series, which were horrible and hardly relevant. I hope you can find more like this one!

  2. Henry Cloud rocks! He’s got several books that I highly recommend: The Secret Things of God, Changes That Heal, Boundaries, and How People Grow. In fact, Boundaries and Changes That Heal in particular would be well worth studying from an LDS faith transition perspective.

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