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218: Nuanced Lesson on Prophets


This is the audio from a Gospel Essentials Class I taught on “Prophets”.  This lesson gives some insight into how to approach a nuanced lesson in a faithful way that also hits on the reality of the messiness of such topics.

I hope you enjoy.

It should be noted in my ward the Gospel Essentials class does not have investigators or recent converts.  If the class had those I would have approached the lesson much more basic.


11 thoughts on “218: Nuanced Lesson on Prophets”

  1. The Mormon discussion podcast is probably my favorite Mormon related podcast. Good job on all the great content.

    As I listened to this episode, and other similarly themed episodes, in my mind, I implored you to talk about the word “heed”. Modern scriptures used this word 15 times. I had always believed that the word “heed” simply meant obey. However last year I looked up the dictionary definition of heed: to pay attention and give consideration.

    We are commanded to heed the words of the prophets, not simply obey the words of the prophets. I think this a subtle difference that makes a huge difference.

  2. I was very surprised when I listened to this podcast. When I saw nuanced in the title I immediately thought that you would go off in unchartered grounds. But there was nothing that I disagreed with except one part. To me It sounded as if you said that all fifteen men convened and wanted to make church doctrine about the belief that blacks were less valiant in the pre mortal life. At that time that was what most people believed. Unless you can prove otherwise I do not think the presidency ever sought to receive revelation or to make official doctrine as for the reason behind the priesthood ban. The leadership went with the status quo was which at that time is what Brigham Young believed to be the reason behind the ban.

    1. I don’t think all 15 men created it. Rather I think it crept in With Joseph and took hold with Brigham, and that these men simply do not receive the revelation they want you to think they do and were powerless in having God correct them. They arrogantly thought it was God’s mind and will but in reality God speaks little if at all to these men. at least not any more so than he speaks to me.

  3. I do have questions that I want to ask you. From listening to your podcast you tend to have very liberal beliefs. Lately transgendered topics have been front and center in the news. What is your view about transgendered policies. Do believe that transgendered people are born in the wrong gender body? Should they go get surgery to fix this mistake? Would you encourage transgendered people to live according to what gender they identify with even if it’s not the same gender they were born as?

    1. Do believe that trans-gendered people are born in the wrong gender body?
      I believe this is more complicated than the option you give me. Are they born in the wrong body? who knows. What I would say is that we as humans have split gender into male and female with its associated traits. Personally it seems science would suggest that while the majority of human beings fall into the two major genders that there are several minority genders. And since we force people into the main two we cause a lot of confusion and emotional harm framing boxes too small to hold everyone.

      Should they go get surgery to fix this mistake?
      They should do whatever will bring them peace. 41% of trans-gendered people attempt suicide. That is too high. Waiting until puberty or after to get a surgery done is too late as the body has by then become even more of what they hate and detest about themselves. Lets give them room to figure this out and validate for them what is needed in their eyes to bring peace.

      Would you encourage trans-gendered people to live according to what gender they identify with even if it’s not the same gender they were born as? simply put YES

  4. Most Sundays I go home during Sunday School because the incessant group think is too much. You have created a great space for yourself and have significant equity with those in your ward. I loved thus lesson. I wish I could just push play and let our Sunday School have a listen. Well presented. You challenged a lot of people’s thinking without offending. Beautifully done.

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