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214: Alex Koritz: Faith Journey and Mormon Archeology


Today I sit down with Alex Koritz.  We talk about his archaeologist general authority Grandfather, Mormon Archaeology, his Faith Journey, and his stint as the host of a Mormon Archaeology podcast.


3 thoughts on “214: Alex Koritz: Faith Journey and Mormon Archeology”

  1. The podcast started off great I enjoyed the comments about the Newwark holy stones but I would not call this an archeology podcast. If you could find someone who is familiar with the proven archeological artifacts found in North America and find someone who actually believes the Book of Mormon is a historical record to interview would be interesting. It seems to me that Alex is unfamiliar with the proven artifacts and archeology of the Book of Mormon in North America.

    The links below I think is a good source about the artifacts dna and archeology of the Book of Mormon from a believing perspective. It has confirmed archeological artifacts that are most likely Nephite breastplates head plates etc.

    Nephite Breastplates, Head plates, clothing , artifacts and Book of Mormon animals.

    Native American Hebrew ties.

    Book of Mormon DNA evidence

    1. To: Alex Koritz
      From: Kevin Callaghan
      Date: 8 / 14 / 17

      Hello Alex,

      Did you know that Cranbrook Science Center also has some of the Michigan Relics. We should chat briefly – Kevin Callaghan 248-642-8556 or

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