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208: Stages of Faith Series 1: Revolutionary Spirituality

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Today we begin a series that examines Stages of Faith from the perspective of other Religious denominations and their religious leaders.  I tried to find every audio discussion of “Faith Transitions” based in some way on a Fowler “Faith Stage Theory”.  Heads up some of these religious leaders are still biased and imposing their conclusion on what this journey looks like but I still think you will find value and validation in hearing about “Faith development” and the insights that each episode will add.

Today we start out with a brilliant one.  This is from the radio program “Revolutionary Spirituality”

Marj Johnston is the Assistant Pastor at Westminster Congregational United Church of Christ in Spokane, Wa. In a return visit to the program, we will be discussing James Fowler’s book – Stages of Faith: The Psychology of Human Development and the Quest for Meaning. This show originally aired on 11/16/09. Contact Information – or (509)-624-1366.


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