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204: The Michigan Artifacts with Alex Koritz


Today we start a new series hosted by Alex Koritz former podcast host for “Mormon Archaeology”.  Today he discusses the Michigan Relics.  Alex discusses their discovery, the debate over their authenticity, and the impact this item has had in both within archaeology generally and specifically within Mormonism.  We are so excited to have Alex take us through this series and hope you enjoy.


3 thoughts on “204: The Michigan Artifacts with Alex Koritz”

  1. This isn’t legitimate science. I appreciate that you want to have various points of view on your podcast, and Alex sounds like a nice person, however his hypothesis doesn’t have a shred of credibility. Unfortunately, this is like all of the big foot or alien sightings groups that also aren’t rooted in legitimate science, yet they convince gullible people into taking them seriously. I like your podcast and I respectfully caution that you shouldn’t associate with pseudo science and conspiracy theorists.

  2. @ hope_for_things:

    while I agree that the michigan relics are probably fake, ask yourself this questions (this is a good life lesson in general): what has less credibility, the man that holds an articulate opinion that he explains thoroughly, or the man that simply says “this doesn’t have a shred of credibility” and yet doesn’t provide a single point to back up his claim?

    I’d recommend, whenever you make a specific claim, to support it with reasons. If not, your opinion is meaningless.

  3. Interesting point about Phoenician writing and the tablet. When Chief Joseph was captures, he presented a clay tablet with phoenecian writing. When asked where he got this Middle East relic, he stated, “from our white ancestors.”

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