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197: Talking Faithfully: Seth Bryant & Bill Reel


Today I join Seth Bryant, Community of Christ Pastor and Seventy, to talk about Faithful Listening.  We talk today about how to communicate to those who either hold different perspectives within the same faith or a completely different faith altogether.   What is helpful and what isn’t.  Thanks for listening.




3 thoughts on “197: Talking Faithfully: Seth Bryant & Bill Reel”

  1. Great stuff, it would be nice to see more interfaith exchanges.
    Would you mind interview a friend of my youth. He has a PhD, served as a missionary in Jerusalem with his family for the Anglican church.

    Would you be interested in interviewing him? Let me know and we can carry this conversation on via email.

  2. Great podcast. I enjoyed it very much and it was very enlightening. Seth, you mentioned having a meeting with a general authority of the LDS Church at one point and him pulling back the curtain so to speak. I know that wasn’t the topic of this podcast but is there somewhere else online perhaps where you go into more detail about that? I’d be interested.

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