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198: My Testimony


Today I share my perspective on various elements of my testimony…… Joseph Smith, Prophets, Scripture, Truth, Temples, Priesthood, Ordinances, as well as God and Christ and then I finish bearing my testimony as it stands today.


6 thoughts on “198: My Testimony”

  1. Thanks Bill,

    We need to hear more messages like these, faith promoting & inspiring. Reasons to continue to believe despite the messiness of things. While I don’t agree 100% with where you are at or how you feel about certain issues, I am thankful for the heavy lifting you have done to take a serious look at the difficult issues that weigh down upon the church. Something that the church leadership hasn’t done or is incapable of doing.

    You have given me reasons to believe more in certain things, and reasons to no longer believe in others… some of which I kind of didn’t want to believe any longer in the first place; but at least now I have credible sources and reasons to no longer have to believe in.

    Having said all that, let us let Christ and the Holy Ghost pave the way forward. The church seems to have unknowingly gone astray, but god seems to have wanted it to be that way. I just hope that He can continue to guide us and lead the way forward not only at a personal level but as a Church too. But till then let us enjoy life to the fullest knowing that his love and grace is upon all mankind and not just the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

  2. I appreciate you explaining how you can have such a “nuanced” (to say the least) view of the church and some teachings, but still insist you are still “in”. Part of it did make me sad. If I got what your point was that you are in because of spiritual experiences. I am well into my 50’s and why hasn’t the Lord given me spiritual experiences that confirm the church is led by him? I have lived the role model LDS life, but the only spiritual experiences testify of God’s love for me. Nothing about BOM or many church teachings. I am getting close to the end of my life and I can’t really wait much longer before I must decide it either isn’t of God, or for some reason God does not want to let me know.

  3. Hi Bill,
    Thank you for this. It’s nice to hear how you are holding onto what you believe and feel to be good outside of complete orthodoxy.
    In the first 8 minutes you refer to a statement by Elder Oaks regarding the 15 not all having seen Christ. Could you post a link to that?
    Thank you so much

  4. Very powerful! The spirit taught me several important things very clearly as I listened to your testimony. Thank you!

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