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193: Tarik Lacour: Mormonism Through The Eyes Of A Black Man


Today we sit down with Tarik LaCour, a philosopher and cognitive scientist, as well as a convert to the LDS faith from Protestantism. Tarik has been an active, believing member of the church for six years and counting. He served an LDS mission to Alabama, and currently serves as an ordinance worker in the Salt Lake Temple. In our discussion today, we talk about the issues of race and the priesthood, as well as the relationship of philosophy, science, skepticism, and faith. It is not often that an American of African Descent speaks on these matters, we hope you enjoy our conversation today.  In addition, Tarik is a blogger and blogs at


***update*** 7.26.17.  The audio for this episode was removed at the request of Tarik LaCour

5 thoughts on “193: Tarik Lacour: Mormonism Through The Eyes Of A Black Man”

  1. I was expecting a discussion mainly on race issues, but instead heard a great and very enjoyable intellectual conversation with a bright mind.

    Thanks Tarik and Bill!

    I can’t wait to buy Tarik’s book when he decides he needs to write one! 😉

    1. Thanks, I do plan to publish several books post-graduate school. One will be a biography of Charles Darwin, several on the thought of David Hume and Baruch Spinoza, and perhaps one on race issues in the church.

      Thank you for listening, and I am grateful I did not bore you.

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