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Post: Premium Content Site Upgrade


I wanted to make you aware of some exciting news. We are about to perform an upgrade to the site. I spoke of these changes in several intros of previously episodes but it is finally happening.

On Friday, January 15, at 10pm MST we will temporarily disable the premium content on the site as we transition to a new method of premium content publishing. The migration will take several hours to complete.

During the transition you should still have access to all the free content through your favorite podcasting application including iTunes. The only impact should be to the paid, premium content that up to now access has required premium listeners to log into the site.

What does this upgrade mean to you, my listeners? For you who listen to the podcast today through iTunes, your favorite podcasting app, or the website, nothing will change. You can continue listening to your favorite episode and get new episodes when they are published.

For our premium subscribers (those who donate as little as $1.50 a month or $12 a year), a new URL and instructions on how to add the URL to your favorite podcasting app will be sent within a week or two after the upgrade. This URL will not only provide all the free episodes you can currently access through your podcasting app, it will also provide you the premium episodes months before they are published to the general public through the public podcast feed. The new URL will not require any logins but will be unique to your account and help us provide you a complete episode list.

The goal of these upgrades is to provide you, my listeners, all the content that you’ve been waiting to hear directly to your devices.


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