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172: Handling Missionary Work


How do you handle Missionary work now that you have reconstructed your faith?  Several listeners have asked me this and I finally sat down and discuss it here.  Do I still value Missionary work?  What will I teach and testify of and what do I avoid or rephrase when another member (including fulltime missionaries) speaks up?

Today I share my thoughts on what I would and would not teach and why I still value Missionary work!!!


2 thoughts on “172: Handling Missionary Work”

  1. HELP. I’m a full-time missionary and I’m going through all kinds of faith transitions and transformations, and I’m having a hard time valuing missionary work.

    I’m thousands of miles from home. What in the world am I supposed to do in a situation like this? I think I’m making a transition from Fowler stage 4 to stage 5, if my analysis is correct. At least I hope it’s happening.

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