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168: Seer Stones, Folk Magic, and Alvin’s Hand


With The Church releasing photos of the Seer Stone it seems to beg the question what really is at the root of our discomfort with this narrative.  For me the answer is obvious….. Treasure Digging and Folk Magic and the depth of the details of how all the characters involved are just that……. involved.

We hit on the Chase family, magic circles, guardian spirits, throat slit Spaniards, Obadiah Dogberry, and Alvin’s Hand.  This one was fun and I hope you find it fun too.’s_use_of_the_seer_stone_as_a_youth



3 thoughts on “168: Seer Stones, Folk Magic, and Alvin’s Hand”

  1. Bill, I swear a few of the times you say BY’s name…you say “bringemyoung”.
    Just thought that was interesting. Was this subliminal on your part, or my part?

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