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Bonus: Stages of Faith: Paulien


This is the audio from Religious speaker Jon Paulien.  This is his expounding on his ideas on the stages of faith.  The audio while not great quality is very informative and helpful.  My goal is is to support LDS who are deconstructing and then reconstructing their faith and this audio will be a help to that end.  While not LDS Mr. Paulien emphasizes the reality of God and this faith journey being part of God’s plan.  I hope you enjoy.


If you wish to read his awesome article on this idea please CLICK HERE



1 thought on “Bonus: Stages of Faith: Paulien”

  1. Awesome stuff… hopefully church leaders are catching wind of all this stuff. Yesterday I was labelled as a Mormon Liberal by a older veteran leader in the Church when at one point in time of my life I was as gun-ho ultra conservative as one could possibly be.

    I’m happier with my life now than ever before, so what we believe about ourselves and God has a huge impact regarding how we feel in relationship to everything and everyone.

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