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157: Seth Bryant: Community of Christ


Today we sit down with Community of Christ Assistant Pastor Seth Bryant.  We talk about the common faith tradition, the shift from the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to the Community of Christ (CoC).  We hit on the Priesthood, Women’s ordination, LGBT inclusiveness, their view of scripture, Mormon myths of the CoC, and talk about the flexibility that is found today in the CoC’s teachings and Theology.

Scripture in Community of Christ

Church History Principles

Faithful Disagreement document

“Latter-day Seekers,” a website designed to explain Community of Christ to members of the LDS Church

Our two most recent sections in the Doctrine and Covenants



Comments on the calling of “pastor” as being in the early Restoration, from Seth Bryant: “Have you ever gone back to find an exact phrase in a nineteenth-century text, and completely failed? I haven’t been unable to find the exact reference to being ordained to the office of pastor. Even if my memory is serving me correctly and I found the reference, it must be said that terms like “ordain” and “office” did not have the same or fixed meanings that they have in the LDS Church today. BUT, there is ample evidence that nineteenth-century Mormons used the term “pastor” to refer to a congregational leader, as well as a mission leader. I have four references below.”

Pastor as leader of the Philadelphia Branch (Congregation) The Gospel Reflector 1:1 (1 Jan 1841)

The Times and Seasons reports this: “We have received twelve numbers of the Gospel Reflector, published in Philadelphia, be Elder B. Winchester, pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in that city.–They contain many excellent articles in reference to the faith and doctrines of said church […] we recommend them to all those who are enquiring after the truth as it is in Jesus, and who wish to become acquainted with the gospel” (Times and Seasons 2 [1 July 1841], page 463).


5 thoughts on “157: Seth Bryant: Community of Christ”

  1. Listening to the podcast of your sharing conversation with Seth Bryant from The Community of Christ church was a great
    way to begin my day. Blessings to All, Colleen

  2. Thank you for dispelling the myths that I had about the Community of Christ Church. I really got a lot out of this podcast.

  3. Very eye opening. I think the LDS church could learn from the CoC, especially in the way questioners/doubters are handled… respect and validation vs discipline. A beautiful episode.

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