156: Why the pain must stop

Today I want to talk about why I take the stance I do on the LGBT issue.  Why do I insist on a “Leading With Faith” effort to dissent with Church stances and cultural values?  Why can’t I just let this issue go and move on?  Today I explain and as often is the case […]

155: Michael Reed and The Symbol of the Cross

Today I sit down with Michael Reed, author of “Banishing the Cross: The Emergence of  a Mormon Taboo”.  We talk about How the cross was portrayed early in Church History, Why it becomes a problem, and Where are we at today.  We also hint at where we might be going. This issue is a microcosm […]

154: Apocalypse Of Adam

Why do I believe you ask? What keeps me in when I am aware of so many issues? Well besides my deep faith in the Savior and deep love and testimony of his gospel, I also have many other items in my bucket of faith. Today We talk about one of those. Today we talk […]

153: My Interviews on Faith Stages

        This is a direct link from LeadingLDS.com .  A friend of mine, Kurt Francom runs this enlightening podcast that strives to give resources to LDS leaders including the tools and insight they need to be better at their callings.  Please visit Kurt’s podcast and consider making this a regular part of your listening! […]

152: Neyan McBaine: Women at Church

Today we sit with LDS author Neylan McBaine.  We talk about her book “Women at Church”.  We talk about How the Church handled Women’s roles early in the Church’s onset.  We talk about why she wrote the book, some of the variation that has come into our culture and policies, and the impact of those […]

151: Come Join Our St George Support Group

            Today is a short episode (12 minutes to be exact), but has some important information. 1.) We are starting a “Lead with Faith” support group in Southern Utah. We already have some interest expressed and I am very excited to get this off the ground and be a part […]