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142: The Flood and its Barriers to Faith


Today we talk about the Flood.  Noah, the Ark, the animals, etc….  The trouble with this topic is that a Global Flood seems so unreasonable and full of problems and a local flood is full of deep glitches as well.  We attempt to talk about both sides, sift through the problems and contradictions and see if we can arrive at a solution of some sort…..

Problems with a Global Flood in detail

Adam Miller’s AMA



4 thoughts on “142: The Flood and its Barriers to Faith”

  1. Nice conclusions, I’ve been wondering what Stage 5 Fowler should look & feel like, I like the idea of local flood instead of global flood, but had wondered about the holes that story presents, but it seems to work out nicely once given this interpretation.

    I wonder if we are just trying to keep the Santa Claus story alive, but we should remember that St. Nicolas indeed did truly exist, nevertheless we did blew up the Santa story way out of proportion.

    In the mean time, I will just have to wait until God manifests and reveals himself, till then I will wait leaning on the side of faith.

  2. This was a great episode. I sorely wish that we could talk about this as a church and recognize the damage that holding tight to the flood story is problematic.

    However, I don’t think you went far enough. David Bokovoy wrote an excellent book about where the flood story really came from. I’d like to introduce you to my friend, the Epic of Gilgamesh.

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