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133: Brian Whitney: Mormonism In Context


Today I sit down with Brian Whitney, LDS Scholar.  Brian has worked with the Church History Department, has worked with Community of Christ on historical projects, and has his own project “Mormonism In Context”.   He truly is one of the up and coming young LDS scholars in Mormonism.  Brian talks about his website and how it can be a resource to help those in disillusion of Mormonism to begin to open up the the deeper historical context, something needed if we are to reconstruct our faith while maintaining a testimony.  Please support my friend Brian Whitney and do yourself a favor and Check out “Mormonism in Context”

The Mormon People

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2 thoughts on “133: Brian Whitney: Mormonism In Context”

  1. Brian & Bill,

    Let me just thank you for this podcast, it was excellent. This is one of my biggest concerns lately. I’m in a situation where I’m struggling with how to inoculate family without them having to invest the amount of time and research that I’ve had to invest to navigate this faith transition. Finding a simplified course-like approach to learning the complex elements of our history has been an idea I’ve wondered why the church hasn’t approached before and your website material seems to be exactly that.

    I’m considering working through these lessons with my wife, who knows of my faith transition, and is scared off by the multitude of books and the hours of research that I’ve invested over the past almost two years now. I’m looking forward to working through this. I also see a need for youth and primary editions that are appropriate for those ages as well. I’m looking forward to working through this, thank you!

  2. Thanks “Hope,” I’ve had a few families tell me they are using for FHE lessons with their teenage children. That is encouraging, although it still seems like too much material to wade through. Good luck and I’d love to hear how it goes with your family!

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