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124: Faithfully Courageously Mormon

Missionaries walking away

Today I sit down with Mark (Not his real name as it has been changed to protect his identity).  He is a young man who is getting ready to go on his mission shortly.  He also happens to be gay.  He tells his story.  When he knew, Coming out to Family, and how they have responded.  He talks of realizing there are paths available on both sides of the spectrum and yet he sees his journey as his and he owns it.  He is genuine and authentic and his story can have deep meaning to each of us as we began to figure out where we go from here!


7 thoughts on “124: Faithfully Courageously Mormon”

  1. What struck me about this great interview was that “Mark” was able to get some help from others. Some from podcasts like this one. Able to talk to Wendy Montgomery. And “Mark”‘s uncle. It was great not to hear another tragic story of terrible pain.

    Mark – love your mother (and your Dad) and I think chances are like many parents, they will probably come around. I think some of the comments over the last week from the leaders will give them some things to think about.

    Thanks “Mark” and Bill for this discussion.

  2. Oh Mark I couldn’t stop listening to this. It is so brave how you have come out with your story. And being able to go on a mission amazes me! I don’t have the same issue but I will admit that I suffer an affliction that the church hasn’t really come out about. It is extremely difficult to explain it to my family. Even now my circle is very small but I have God and Jesus so who else do I need? I admire this podcast and love it so much! You’re awesome! Amazing story.

  3. I’ve wondered about this topic for some time… straight people still have to struggle with the fact of being faithful to your spouse after marriage… and in a way we are all naturally inclined to promiscuity, but the natural man being an enemy to God don’t we all have to carry our cross as we approach the Savior?

    I may not be wording myself well… but we all have a certain type of personal weakness (various types of addictions) which differs from others that we need to overcome. People with additions never really overcome the personal appetite or inclination to sin, but we give up our sins because of the love for our Savior and the grace of His atonement.

    At the same time just having temptations or feelings of attraction for one another isn’t sin, it is only when we let them go overboard into our heart.

    I believe that in time the culture in our church will embrace and love people with same sex addiction, change is already happening.

    Hopefully gay church members can be strong good examples, and help member change our views and be more accepting towards the gay community. Just as racism diminishes as we mingle with people of other race, so will homophobia diminish as we come in contact with gay faithful members.

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