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114: Kevin Kloosterman: Mormon LGBT ally

Kevin Kloosterman

Today with sit down my dear friend Kevin Kloosterman.  Among his years in the Church, Kevin has served as a seminary teacher and Bishop.  He life took a unique path when his eyes were opened to the treatment that gays receive both in and out of the Church.  With a fresh look regarding a nuanced issue, Kevin Spoke at the 2011 “Circling the Wagons” LGBT conference as a sitting Bishop.  His talk can be watched here.

Kevin has been an outspoken ally of LGBT’s and their rights and has helped ensure fair treatment in his own state of Illinois but working within the political process to make Illinois a marriage equality state.

Kevin has put his own standing on the Church at risk as he has endured criticism, the taking of his temple recommend away, and even threats on his life.  All this he continue to endure as a faithful Latter-Day Saint who pleads that we each treat others as Christ would!


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