120: My Interview

In this episode, Richard and Sarah interview Bill Reel about why he stays in the church. Bill Reel’s podcast: Mormon Discussion-Leading with Faith The Book of Mormon scripture Bill quoted was from 1 Nephi 2:5 “And he came down by the borders near the shore of the Red Sea; and he traveled in the wilderness in the borders […]

118: 2014 Xmas Special – The Christmas Story

ALERT ALERT *** this is not the lamo one I read in years past.  This is a Dramatized reading by professional Audio Actors!!!! … lol Enjoy this Mormon Discussion Podcast Dramatized reading of the Christmas story of Christ’s birth.  While I know we can each view Chirst and the Scriptures that speak of him with […]

Post: Year End Podcast Update

Well we are at the end of 2014 and I wanted to give you an update of what is coming and how we did.  In this episode we hit on the following – Las Vegas Support Group meeting with me in attendance on Saturday February 21 2015.  Email me for details – reelmormon AT Gmail […]

117: Armand Mauss: Shifting Borders

Today I sit down with Armand Mauss.  Brother Mauss is a well known renown Mormon scholar, author, intellectual within our faith.  He has written many articles.  Today we talk about how to separate the gospel from the Church, the humanness of  the Church, how to delve into tough issues without criticizing leaders, and about his […]

116: Dr Rick: Mental Illness and Depression

Today we sit down with Doctor Rick, a licensed medical professional who both has struggled personally with depression and who also treats others who deal with it.  We talk about various medical issues, treatment methods, things to look for, and ways to of help to others.  

114: Kevin Kloosterman: Mormon LGBT ally

Today with sit down my dear friend Kevin Kloosterman.  Among his years in the Church, Kevin has served as a seminary teacher and Bishop.  He life took a unique path when his eyes were opened to the treatment that gays receive both in and out of the Church.  With a fresh look regarding a nuanced […]

113: Special Episode: Our Bad Days

We each have our bad days and our good days.  This podcast USUALLY tries to focus on positive ways to deal with the issues while dealing directly with the real questions.  Today is not that episode.  Like you I have bad days and bad weeks and even bad months.   Today is me talking out […]