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104: Wendy Montgomery: Charity towards all

WendyMontgomeryFamToday we sit down with Wendy Montgomery who tells the story of her son Jordan, who came out as Gay in 2012 as a young teenager.  She talks about her experience in the Church, how she hold out hope and leads with faith.  It is an inspiring story of how to handle big challenges and to hold one’s faith.

WENDY MONTGOMERY was born and raised in Southern California. She has always been a member of the LDS Church and is currently the Sunday School teacher to the 16-18 year-olds in her ward. She and her husband Tom Montgomery were married in the Los Angeles Temple in 1995. They had 5 children in 7 years – not recommended. They found out in January of 2012 that their oldest son (13 years old at the time) was gay. It has at times been unbearably painful. But it has also been an enlightening, spiritual and joyful journey. Wendy has many new heroes, many of which are writers on this blog. She and her husband and children live in Central California. Wendy is a voracious reader and is currently working on her fictional degree in Gay Mormon Studies.

2 thoughts on “104: Wendy Montgomery: Charity towards all”

  1. Loved the interview Thank you.

    Why don’t the Brethren do or say anything helpful about this over the pulpit? Because they still see gay people as “other”. They still see themselves in an antagonistic relationship with the gay community. If they were to change, the price would be too high–and throwing gays under the bus is much easier for them.

    I am gay. I went through reparative therapy in downtown SLC in the 90s at LDS Family Services. I believed the Brethren knew the truth about this. They were wrong, and don’t want to admit it, or apologize for it.

    Instead of being welcome in the Church, I no longer believe in God. This is the fruit of their failed approach.

    1. I wish we could understand why they ignore some things that seem so crucial to whats going on and so little about other things that mean seemingly nothing. I wish for the same things.

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